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Delivery is optional and done your way.

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Common Questions

Who will handle my deliveries?

You can use your existing staff for deliveries, contract someone or do it yourself. You can offer delivery within your local area.

Do I have to deliver?

If you would prefer, you could offer pick-up only. For many businesses, this will be the easiest starting point.

What about delivery timings?

You can choose whatever suits your business. A pizza shop might deliver immediately, while a farmer could do 1-2 delivery runs each week. Other businesses might only offer pick-up, or a combination of things.

Can I set a minimum order size?

Yes, you can set a minimum order value so that delivery is viable for you.

What if I already have an online store or delivery service?

You are welcome to run Beam as a supplementary service, with a simplified offer. e.g., an Indian restaurant with a full in-house menu could offer just freezable family meal packs, or a butcher could offer bulk vac-sealed meat packs.

Do I need a domain or changes to my site?

No, businesses can make use of a free subdomain (e.g., to get up and running quickly. Established businesses can make DNS changes to redirect a subdomain (e.g., to us, or point a domain (e.g., Contact us with any requests!

Can we restyle the ordering process for our business?

If you have needs beyond the quick starting point, we can consider tweaks to colour schemes and layout. Get in touch.

What currencies and languages do you support?

Currently English/dollars, but we can expand to support others as requested. Contact us.

Are there any on-going costs?

Besides the transactional costs for an order (our flat-fee and the charge from the payment gateway), there are no other costs. No monthly fee. No annual renewal.

I have other requirements; can you help?

Sure! Contact us and let us know what you need.